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What Stage Are You?

There have been many requests for quiz or test that will help people to determine what stage they are in. We have created this questionnaire to help you to become more aware of what stage of your Sun sign you are likely experiencing. Because human beings and their life events are so unique this test is not absolutely foolproof. But it should give you good start in determining where you happen to be in the greater scheme of things. This test is designed to give you one more tool to explore who you are as an individual.

Write the answers to the following 15 questions on piece of paper or small Word document. For every question please choose at least one answer that is closest to the truth for you. You can select more than one response to any question even if the answers seem to contradict one another. Human beings often hold opposing feelings and viewpoints about many things, nor is this necessarily problem.

Two other important points:

Any time you find more than one response that is worded almost identically, please try to choose the one that most accurately represents your experience of life. For example, if one response says, "I work very hard and no one seems to appreciate it, but don't really mind." and another one says, "I work very hard and no one seems to appreciate it. This is something often resent." please try to choose the one that most accurately reflects your feelings.

When answering questions that have to do with your parents please choose responses that also apply to important stepparents or other relatives who may have also filled the role of mother or father to you. For example, if your father left when you were very young and you were later raised by loving stepfather it is appropriate to choose, "My father was largely absent" as well as "My father was loving and encouraging". Most people who were adopted as children should answer in similar manner.

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