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"What sign are you ?" Pretty lame question. The real question is "What stage are you?" Your stage tells so much more about who you really are and who you will become as you grow and evolve. There are not just 12 cookie cutter signs but at least 36 evolving paths that are keys to your unique destiny as an individual. Your childhood, your relationships and you life purpose are all intimately described by the evolution of your Sun sign.

Taina Ketola's first book Sun Signs: Portrait of the Soul describes the evolution of each Sun sign through three stages of development. Each stage is completely different from the one that precedes it and has totally unique worldview. Each individual progresses slowly through these three stages, changing and developing in their own unique way.

Why are we so different...
if we're both the same sign?

Ever notice how two people can be the same sun sign, yet so surprisingly different Isn't your dictator boss supposed to be an easy-going Libra Does your husband or wife seem to leave all logic behind when they are supposed to clear-thinking Capricorn Do your kids, your parents, and even your best friends defy the rules altogether This astonishing guide tells you why. Portrait of the Soul explores the ancient art of astrology the way it was meant to be understood and used. Now get practical answers that simply haven't been available to you-UNTIL NOW!

You'll learn why your sun sign is not just set of personality traits, behaviors, or preferences like we are so often led to believe. Each sun sign has three distinct stages. This beautifully crafted book shows you how to identify which stage you are in right now and how to use all of your experiences to your greatest advantage--in every area of your life.

A tremendous resource for
relationships parenting the office and more!

  • Nurture, deepen--or at least tolerate--any relationship
  • Improve those situations where you feel stuck or dissatisfied
  • Find out if you're on the right track-or how to get there
  • See past limitations and obstacles you think are holding you back
  • Stimulate memories of past lives to increase self-mastery
  • Explore the indescribable fullness and contentment of your true self

You have one life to live-
but three ways to live it!

Which one has your soul chosen?

Most books on astrology seem to describe just single personality type for each sign. lot of people find that these types fail to describe them accurately. There are plenty of Capricorns who are quite unconventional and who couldn't care less about business. How does astrology explain the shy Leo, the unselfish Aries, the Gemini who likes to be alone or the sweet and cuddly Scorpio. People change and grow, and many astrology books also fail to acknowledge this. Portrait of the Soul answers these questions and provides the missing piece that we have all been looking for.

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Taina Ketola is gifted astrologer who has successfully guided hundreds of clients to their full potential for more than twenty years. Now a qualified personal coach, she uses astrology as the incredible resource it is to serve individuals from all walks of life. Her celebrated three-stage approach to sun signs is based on research of the earliest writings on astrology and its intended purpose, potential, and use in your daily life.

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